The Brief History of Legal Lean Syrup

Legal Lean was formulated back in 2015.


It was created as a natural, herbal, relaxation alternative to other pharmaceutical and habit-forming products on the market.
Our vision was to create something that was relaxing and sedating but not addictive. Legal Lean is formulated to be safe and not subject to abuse. To help curb abuse, Legal Lean is only produced as a 2oz 1-2 serving pre-dosed shot.

Legal Lean for Relaxation and Sleep

Millions of Americans suffer from stress, anxiety and sleep issues.


Poor sleeping habits are main underlying issues for poor health and inconsistent work and life balance. Legal Lean when taken at night, has been reported to help can help users unwind, ease their mind. People report waking up and feeling refreshed. A dose of Legal Lean at night resets the body and mind for the next day.

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