Disposable Pod Device for Sleep & relaxation


The Legal Lean Disposable Grape Pod Device is designed to help you relax and sleep better. The formulation contains zero nicotine. It offers up to 300 breaths per device.


•  Zero Nicotine

•  300 breaths per device

The Problem

Quality sleep and relaxation should account for approximately a third of a typical “healthy” average day. However, in the fast paced world we live in, sleep depravation is quickly evolving into a modern day epidemic.


Regardless of the reason; work, stress, diet, or medical condition, the inability to capture adequate critical rest and sleep does impact your life and lifestyle. Studies show it can even impact weight and weight gain.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 70% of all American adults suffer from insufficient rest or sleep at least once a month and of those, 11% reported that they get insufficient sleep every night.

Our Solution

With the ability to regulate the dosage based upon the number of breaths to take, immediate results give customers the ability to finely tune their dose according to their overall need.


The bonus to this product is the great grape taste. Legal Lean remains mindful of the overall quality of the product and that means covering all bases. This means the ingredient quality and effectiveness, taste, as well as the performance of the pod delivery unit.

Retail Customer Information

Not to be sold to minors. Legal Lean can be found at most head shops and convenient stores all across the country. Ordering online is just as easy directly through LegalLean.com or from one of our many online retailers.


At LegalLean.com, you have the option to purchase single units, bundle-packs, bulk orders, and much more.


MSRP: $9.99

B2B Wholesale Information

It’s always a great time to jump on the Legal Lean wave! Customers love it and have been ever since our launch in 2015.


Legal Lean is neither flash in the pan nor a one-hit wonder. Our products have been flying off of shelves for years due to our proprietary recipe and ear-to-the-ground marketing.


Get Legal Lean in your store or warehouse today and watch it go as fast as you can stock it.


24 pouches per box

12 boxes per case

Get more information on B2B wholesale purchases.

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